Ethiopia Humanitarian Bulletin Issue #2 | 21 January-03 February 2019

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• Building durable solutions through Climate Resilient WaSH programming: A showcase to HDN in Ethiopia

• The EHF allocates US$5 million for nutrition response in Kamachi and Dawa zones

• Regional Government and partners conduct IDPs assessment in Amhara region

• The Ethiopia Cash Working Group (ECWG) elected Technical Co-Chairs together with the Steering Committee.

• Government and Partners discuss the 2019 Ethiopia HNO/HRP

Building durable solutions through Climate Resilient WaSH programming: A showcase to HDN in Ethiopia

The recently signed phase II of the One WASH National Program (OWNP) put forth climate resilient interventions, setting an example for strengthening Humanitarian and Development Nexus (HDN) in Ethiopia. From a total budget of US$6.5 billion allocated for the second phase of the OWNP, $2 billion (38 per cent) is dedicated for climate resilient WaSH programs. This presents new opportunities for investments in systems that reduce vulnerability to climatic shocks and increased investments that build climate resilient communities in the drought-prone lowland areas. Consolidated Cash Account (CWA)-a pooled fund dedicated to areas hit by disasters, offers phase II of the OWNP flexibility to allocate resources in emergency operations. Such interventions are particularly crucial in countries like Ethiopia where droughts are expected to be more frequent and more severe due to climate change and needs associated with WaSH remaining high. Surface water and shallow wells are either temporary (during rainy season) or dry up during drought periods.

Poor performance of spring rains in Somali region for example, resulted in 95 per cent of water points drying up in April 2017. Water schemes that were still providing water during the dry season (only the 5 per cent) are all deep wells, calling for investments that address the underlying problems.

Only a small portion of humanitarian finances has been invested in long term durable solutions (only a fraction of the approximately $300 million since 2016 and less than 20 per cent of the total WaSH investment in 2018).

The One WASH National Programme (OWNP)-a harmonized sector-wide approach was created by the government of Ethiopia in response to the challenges of improving WaSH services throughout the country. The first phase of the programme (2014-2017) contributed significantly towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Some 8.7 million people gained access to water supply, 11 million people became Open Defecation Free, and 1,280 school wash facilities were constructed through CWA.

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