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Ethiopia Humanitarian Bulletin Issue #2 11 - 24 Jan. 2021

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  • Community transmission of COVID-19 remains high in Ethiopia, with 133,767 confirmed COVID-19 cases, including 119,416 recoveries and 2,066 deaths, as of 24 January.

  • In Tigray Region, where insecurity continues, there has not been COVID-19 surveillance activities since 4 November 2020.

COVID-19 - Ethiopia updates

1.92 million samples tested, 133,767 cases and 2,066 deaths registered

Community transmission of COVID-19 remains high in Ethiopia, calling for a continued support to the risk communication and community engagement efforts. Case surveillance, testing, contact tracing, other prevention and related activities have critically decreased in at least the past six months, mostly due Government’s weak capacity and competing priorities. Community compliance is low mostly due to flawed perceptions about nonexistence of the disease or its mild to no symptoms. The lack of prevention puts particularly IDP and refugees living in overcrowded settings and humanitarian aid workers at heightened risk of contracting and spreading the disease. COVID-19 quarantine, isolation, treatment and testing facilities are closed or otherwise not fully operational due to lack of essential resources and support. More and flexible resources for COVID-19 prevention and response in coordination are required to contain the spread of the virus.

Ethiopia counts 133,767 COVID-19 cases nationwide, with 119,416 (89.27 per cent) recoveries, 12,238 active cases and 2,066 deaths, as of 24 January. However, as the test capacity is low, numbers could be higher. There are some 217 patients currently in the intensive care unit. A total 316,256 contacts have been registered, of which 288,331 completed the mandatory 14-days follow up and were discharged. Currently, 1,263 contacts are under follow up of which 1,219 were traced today giving a follow up rate of 96.5 per cent.
Ethiopia is still the fourth country with the highest number of COVID-19 cases in Africa, after South Africa, Morocco and Egypt.

From the 133,767 COVID-19 cases reported nationwide, the majority of the cases (98,579) have been reported by Addis Ababa and Oromia regions, constituting 74 per cent. Addis Ababa also accounts for close to 52 per cent of the total active cases and 98.5 per cent of the total new confirmed COVID-19 cases. There is high uncertainty in Tigray Region given that no surveillance activities have been carried out since 4 November 2020 and considering that there were hundreds of active cases by the start of the conflict in the area.

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