Ethiopia Humanitarian Bulletin | 4 July 2022



  • Between 17 and 20 May, the Humanitarian and Resilience Donor Group (HRDG), visited Amhara and Afar regions to see first-hand the humanitarian situation in conflict-affected areas.

  • In Eastern Amhara, the delegation met with affected communities and local authorities. They visited conflicted- affected Lay Sayda primary school in Wag Hamra and Woinye primary school in North Wello; Mersa primary hospital, and Atse Whua kebele in North Wello Zone and Kelem Meda kebele in South Wello Zone.

  • In Afar, the delegation met with the regional authorities and affected communities in Euwa and Chifra woredas in Zone 4. They also visited Dubti regional referral hospital and Semera, Agatina and Guyah dispacement sites. They took note of the dire situation at Semera displaced site and the substandard health situation in the hospital.


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