Ethiopia GRF Pledge Progress Report December 2021



This document is based on the outcome of the National GRF Pledge Stocktaking Workshop conducted on December 2nd and 3rd, 2021. It is prepared as an effort to inform supportive stakeholders the progress on Ethiopia’s pledge commitments made at the 2019 Global Refugee Forum (GRF).

The National Pledge Stocktaking Workshop brought together Government Agencies, INGOs, NGOs and UN Agencies that are supporting the implementation of Ethiopia’s four pledges: Jobs and Livelihoods, Education, Protection/Capacity and Energy/Environment (Infrastructure).

It was an opportunity for participants to provide updates on pledge progress, share experiences and identify forward-looking opportunities for implementation. Most of the workshop’s time was devoted to break-out sessions on the four pledges to enable participants to have a focused discussion on pledge progress, challenges, and recommendations.

This report is prepared ahead of the High Levels Officials Meeting (HLOM) to provide a mid-term review of Ethiopia’s GRF pledge commitments. The information contained in the report is framed along the priority areas of the HLOM as well as progress made, challenges and recommendations for the future.

This report testifies to the partnership demonstrated by the Government of Ethiopia and the international community coming together through ‘burden-and responsibility-sharing’ with strong collaboration and commitment to support the realization of Ethiopia’s GRF pledges. The document also highlights where additional developmental support is required to realize the pledge commitments.