Ethiopia: Goal media statement

News and Press Release
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Reports confirm that the 26 people shot dead by the Ethiopian army in Addis Ababa last Wednesday were not armed. Many were protesting at what they term "rigged elections", others were teenagers and some were bystanders, waiting for a bus.
GOAL has asked the Irish government to seek an explanation from the Ethiopian government for the army's behaviour. Also, last week a World Bank commissioned report warned donors to cut aid to Uganda over the next three years citing concerns for increasing levels of corruption and recent political developments "which have jeopardised Uganda's development agenda". Two weeks ago the UK Government withheld £10 million from the Ugandan aid budget, quickly followed by the Irish Governmentís decision to cut its aid by €2 million.

Both Governments will benefit from the Blair/Brown debt relief initiative, agreed at the weekend.

Incredibly, the Irish government will channel €60 million through the Ethiopian and Ugandan governments in the current year.