Ethiopia: Fortnight Bulletin May 2009


Review of the 2009 Humanitarian Interventions

Emergency Food and Non-Food Requirements and Response 2009

1. Requirement

In January 2009, the Ethiopian Government with its humanitarian partners identified a total of 4.9 million beneficiaries that require emergency assistance in the year through the joint needs assessment conducted in November/December 2008. This joint approach shows the Government's commitment to make the procedure transparent.

Accordingly to the officially launched Humanitarian Requirements document, a total of 591,503MT of food is required to address the needs of the identified beneficiaries. Out of this amount 140,892 MT was already available as a carryover stock from 2008, bringing the net food requirement to 450,611MT. The amount received from donors towards this net food requirement is 263,569 MT. A total of USD 7,120,893 has also been contributed for supplementary EOS/TSF intervention, whose total net requirement was estimated to be USD 26, 202,528.

In addition to this, it was stated that USD 38,866,337 would be required for non=ADfood interventions in the areas of health and nutrition USD 23,164,389, water and environmental sanitation USD 6,169,213 and agriculture and livestock USD 9,532,735. In response to the set requirements, donors have so far contributed USD 24,464,071, including USD 8,990,274 for water environmental sanitation.

While the Government appreciates the generous support already received from donors, there remains a significant shortfall of food resources amounting to 247,011,416 USD, including TSF and USD 17,223,327 for non-food response, focusing mainly on health & nutrition and agriculture & livestock intervention. The total shortfall adds up to USD 264,234,743.

Although the official number of emergency beneficiaries is still 4.9 million, DRMFSS anticipates changes in the figure, given performance of the 2009 Belg/Gu rains in the country so far. Preparations are progressing to undertake multi-sectoral & multi-agency seasonal needs assessments in all belg benefiting areas of the country beginning June 8, 2009. These assessments will enable to form the basis for establishing requirements during the second half of 2009. The relief food needs assessment will utilize the Household Economy Approach while the non-food needs assessment will apply sector specific methodologies.