Ethiopia: Fortnight Bulletin 30 Jun 2007

Situation Report
Originally published


Committee Decides Over 8.2 Million Birr to be apportioned to Flood-Displaced People Rehabilitation activities

"A birr to a compatriot " fund soliciting committee established to raise fund for drought affected people in 1994/95 E.C unanimously decided birr over 8.2 Miln., which it managed to secure from the public, to be apportioned for the rehabilitation of severely flood affected people of four regions.

In a press conference held in the DPPA's Hall on 18 June2007, both the Agency and the Committee said that as per the agreements reached between the parties they decided to give the money the committee solicited from the public to the same natural disaster affected people in various parts of the country, i.e. to the last year's flood-hit regions: Dire Dawa, South Omo zone of SNNPR, Amhara and Somali.

They said that the food and non-food items (materials) which the committee solicited during the reported period had already been utilized for the intended purpose. But with regard to the raised money, they said, the committee found it better, instead of allocating it to the direct daily consumption of the needy, to plan to allocate the money to development projects that could bring about a lasting and meaningful change to the lives of the intended beneficiaries, especially to allocate it to those projects that could contribute to the country's ongoing food security programme.

Based on this common assent of the Committee and the Agency to this substantially sublime intention, they said that they had invited(requested) the four regions vulnerable to recurrent drought to come up with feasible project proposals prepared in accordance with the suggested term of references (TOR). Though the committee had set directions for the preparation of the project that could contribute to the food security programme of the country and elected professionals to evaluate the feasibility of project proposals submitted by the regions, none of them could manage to produce a viable project proposal, it was explained. Therefore, due to this and other related reasons the fund, thus, remained unutilized, it was explained.

Eventually, after much discussion and consultative meetings over the matter, the Agency and the Committee together decided and agreed on the money to be apportioned among the above mentioned regions based on the extent and magnitude of the devastating flood that occurred during the rainy season of 2006 as per the damage caused to each region.

It was also mentioned that over three million birr pledged by various quarters for the same cause has remained uncollected due to various reasons.