Ethiopia: Fortnight Bulletin 30 Apr 2007

Situation Report
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Livestock Market Information and Forage Monitoring Workshop Conducted

Workshop entitled "Livestock market information and forage monitoring for early warning" jointly organized by the Afar DPPFSB and SC/UK was conducted in Nazareth to highlight the activities accomplished and the progress of the Links project to date.

It was learnt that the general objective of the workshop which took place from March 26-30 2007at Nazereth was to train governmental and non-governmental partners on how to interpret and analyze the information generated through the forage monitoring points and livestock markets and transmitted through the World Space Multimedia Technology with the help of First Voice International (FVI) and received at community information centers (CICs).

In the workshop, which mainly focused on sensitization, experts drawn from various governments and NGOs and DPPA have participated. During the workshop, following the presentation by the facilitators, issues were raised and discussed by the participants.

The specific objectives are to explain how the forage sites have been selected and what criteria were used in the selection and set up of the 25 forage sites in Afar Region; to develop common understanding on how to interpret and analyze satellite imageries of forage maps and livestock market data; to discuss the usefulness and relevance of the forage and livestock information to the regional stakeholders (government, NGOs, UN agencies) and external agencies; to build the capacity of the regional staff in analysis and interpretation of the forage /livestock data; to regularly disseminate data collected on livestock marketing and vegetation monitoring to communities and to discuss-to help sustainability-appropriate government offices/bureaus to take over this activity after the end of the project.

It was said since in the pastoral areas pasture was linked with food security, assessing availability of pasture had vital importance to estimate the need and devise ways of intervention measures. In line with this it was learnt that a training programme was also planned to take place at wereda-zonal and regional levels in Afar in future.