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Ethiopia Food Security Outlook Update June 2013


The delayed Belg harvest prolongs lean season in southern and eastern Belg-producing areas


• Following a three- to four-week delayed onset of the rains which delayed planting and crop development, Belg crops will likely not be harvested until mid-July in southern and eastern Belg-producing areas instead of mid-June. The delayed harvest prevents the timely planting of short-cycle Meher crops on the same land.

• The poor performance of February to May Belg rains in the northeastern receiving areas is likely to result in a well below average and delayed Belg harvest, increasing food insecurity from July to September. In parts of the southern areas, food security will improve from Crisis (IPC Phase 3) in some areas to Stressed (IPC Phase 2) with increased supply from the Belg harvest, even if that harvest is both late and somewhat below average.

• The good performance of March to May Gu/Genna rains increased milk production, so the food security situation in southern and southeastern pastoral areas has improved. The declines in milk prices have increased milk accessfor market-dependent households as well.

• Above average rainfall totalssince mid-May have enabled the planting of long-cycle maize and sorghum and land preparation for short-cycle crops in most parts of the country except in the northeastern areas where the total Belg rainfall was below average. With normal to above normal June to September Kiremt rains forecast, the Meher crop performance is likely to be normal in these areas.