Ethiopia: Floods Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) DREF Operation n° MDRET017 Update n° 1

Description of the disaster

As a result of unexpected heavy rain and flash floods on 4 May 2016, in Oromia region West Harerghe zone Hawi Gudina, Arsi zone, Seru and Chole woredas. A lot of people were affected and displaced from their residence. The result of assessment conducted by ERCS branch officers immediately after the the disaster indicated that in West Harerghe zone of Hawi Gudina woreda 8 people were reported dead, 5 injured and 3,179 heads of livestock lost. In Arsi zone Seru woreda the heavy rain and flash flood resulted in the displacement of 1500 households while in Chole woreda 405 households were displaced and 17 houses destroyed.

Summary of current response

On May 2016, Ethiopian Red Cross society in collaboration with IFRC launched a DREF project to support 1,124 flood affected households in Oromia and also to replenish 876 NFI items which were distributed in SNNP, Wolaita, Sidama, Hadiya and Halaba zones. In 2 zones of Oromia region i.e. Arsi and West Harerghe branches project launching workshop and relief distribution orientation trainings were conducted before the actual distribution of the relief items. Participants (38 in West Harerghe and 41 in Arsi zone) attended the workshop. The major topics discussed include, dissemination of Red Cross history, Fundamental Principles of Red Cross and Red Crescent, the Red Cross emblem, and humanitarian works done by the branch in relation to the drought response. Furthermore, the objective, major activities, budget and the time frame of the DREF supported project was presented by the branch secretaries of the respective zones.

In addition a half day relief distribution training for 20 volunteers in each branch were held before the distribution. The volunteers were trained on registration and crowd management. They have been told to prioritise breast feeding mothers, disabled and elderly while distributing the relief items. They have also been told to inform the targeted people who is providing the support, what kind of items they are going to receive and the quantity of the items. After completing the beneficiary selection and registration process, ERCS borrowed full 1,124 ES/NFI from ICRC supplied emergency stock and carried out the distribution in Arsi and West Harerghe zones. Full ICRC emergency non-food items were distributed to 1,124 flood affected beneficiaries in West Harerghe (641) and Arsi zones (483 HHs) of Oromia region. During the distribution the trained volunteers applied all the instructions they were given during the relief distribution training and were able to complete the distribution successfully in both zones.