Ethiopia: Floods in Amhara - Operation Update Report DREF Operation n° MDRET023

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Summary of major revisions made to emergency plan of action:

This Operation Update is being published to inform stakeholders of a one-month no cost timeframe extension of this DREF operation. This is because the tender technical evaluation committee could not convene the tender evaluation meeting as planned due to unforeseen new emergencies and the engagement of the National Society’s relevant technical experts on field missions. This resulted in two weeks delay in overall implementation of the operation.

Moreover, once these tenders were opened and evaluated, the purchase order values were beyond the agreed threshold for ERCS procurement as such, the file was required to be sent to the Africa Regional Office for further review and approval. This second level of processing had not been anticipated or considered in the planning phase. This process is quality and control process, and the operation could not pre-determine how fast the Region would take to finalize.

In this regard, the IFRC and ERCS are taking proactive precaution of risk of time by allowing one-month timeframe extension to ensure all planned activities are implemented. Overall timeframe is now five (5) months with new end date on 28 February 2021.


Description of the disaster

With financial support from IFRC, this DREF operation was launched for CHF 392,993 on 24 September in response to flooding which affected Amhara region. Indeed, on 10 September, heavy rainfall was reported in South Gondar zone in Amhara Region, with 62 mm recorded in 24 hours. The above average rain led to the backflow of Lake Tana and overflow of Gumera & Rib rivers, causing severe flooding.

Rapid assessments conducted by ERCS South Gondar zonal branch from 10 to 12 September revealed that 10,505 households were affected with population of 63,030 people; 1,886 households (11,316 people) displaced and accommodated in schools. More detailed assessment was carried out by the operation that validated the needs and target populations. The scope of the operation in terms of targeted direct beneficiaries remains the same displaced 1886HH / 11,316 persons.

The flooding events, which had been affecting several parts of the country since June 2020, led to a cumulative 1,017,854 people being affected and the displacement of 292,863 people in Afar, Amhara, Gambella, Oromia, Somali and SNNPR regions. Please see EPoA for details of people affected per region.