Ethiopia – Expulsion of Migrants from Saudi Arabia (ECHO Daily Flash of 6 December 2013)

Ethiopia is since mid-November facing a massive return of migrants deported from Saudi Arabia. Current figures for arrivals to Addis have surpassed 90 000 with more than 5 000 new arrivals every day.

Around 7 000 people need to be accommodated every night in the six transit centres opened by the Government of Ethiopia and supported by different aid agencies such as IOM, IRC, UNICEF, ICRC and ERCS. Around 40% of the returnees are women, out of whom 95% are either pregnant or lactating mothers. Around 5,000 children, among whom 170 unaccompanied minors, have returned too.

The large majority of people have returned to their place of origin and it is expected that among the returnees a certain percentage will need support to reintegrate. 2 500 returnees have been referred to hospitals for various issues among which serious psychological trauma. The number of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) cases is believed to be high.

ECHO will contribute with EUR 750 000 via its Emergency Response Mechanism in Ethiopia, a locally set up mechanism to enable a timely response in cases of rapid onset emergencies.