Ethiopia: ERCS, ICRC hand over various projects in Tigray

The Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) have handed over a health center built in Fatsi, in Gulomekeda Woreda in Tigray region at a cost of 1,800 000 birr. The health center which is constructed in replacement of the one destroyed in Zalambessa during the Ethio-Eritrean conflict was inaugurated on March 10,2005, it was learnet.

Shortly after the end of active hostilities between Ethiopia and Eritrea, the ICRC and the ERCS expressed their readiness to provide assistance to the war victims, in particular to the persons displaced from Zalambessa area. The construction of the health center began in October 31, 2002 following an agreement with the Tigray Regional Health Bureau, according to a release.

Meanwhile, in another part of Tigray region, the ERCS and the ICRC handed over two large scale rainwater harvesting systems to the administration and to the communities of Rahya and Zeban Serhati in the Eastern Zone of Tigray on March 3, 2005.

These first of their kind water harvesting system built at an average cost of 180,000 birr each, are designed to catch rainwater from large rocky surfaces and divert it into reservoirs capable of holding up to 200,000 liters. The water reservoirs will respectively benefit some 2,000 persons in Raya and nearly 1,200 persons in Zeban Serhati.

The ERCS and the ICRC devised these projects as part of their joint assistance programme to persons living in areas affected by the conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea.


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