Ethiopia – Epidemic Outbreaks (ECHO Daily Flash of 28 February 2014)

Ethiopia - Epidemic Outbreaks (ECHO)

  • There are currently 5 ongoing epidemic outbreaks in Ethiopia, some under control such as the fight against Yellow Fever which is supported by ECHO.

  • SNNPR, Oromia and Amhara were the regions initially affected by measles that is currently spreading to the Tigray, Somali and Gambella regions.

  • A meningitis (seasonal) outbreak is starting in Oromia, SNNPR and Gambella regions where vaccines are not available in sufficient quantity. According to WHO, 2 million doses are needed to respond to this outbreak while 6.8 million doses are needed for measles.

  • The polio outbreak is being addressed with a new vaccination campaign to be carried out in March.

  • An outbreak of Dengue Fever has been confirmed in the Somali region. Millions of vaccine doses are required to conduct adequate immunisation campaigns but funding is not sufficient.