Ethiopia Emergency Shelter & NFI Cluster Dashboard, Updated 16 November 2016

from International Organization for Migration, Shelter Cluster
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Between January and August of 2016, 578,363 persons (107,217 households) had been newly displaced due to drought (10%), flood (60%) and conflict (30%). As of the end of August, 718,154 persons (130,573 households) were reported as displaced in the country.


By the end of September, the cluster has reached more than 250,900 people (45,600 households) with emergency shelter material and household non-food items such as kitchen set and beddings. Of those assisted, 37% percent were displaced by flood, 4% by drought and 59% by conflict.


The Cluster is currently 53% funded, having received $12.9 million of the $24.4 requested in the revised 2016 HRD.


The cluster has close to 21,000 emergency shelter and household NFI kits in country, with additional 26,000 kits being procured. Based on existing capacity and the expected increase in need to response to on-going displacements, coupled with known supplies currently under procurement, the cluster is expected to reach 62% of those targeted in the 2016 HRD.

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