Ethiopia Emergency Shelter and NFI Cluster Response Monitoring Dashboard for Afar Region (As of 31 July 2022)



Following the improvement in the security situation in Zone-2, there was high movement of people to their places of origin over the last two months. Over 281K IDPs returned to their places of origin (in six Woredas of Zone 2) with almost 180K of them requiring shelter and NFI support. Majority of the returnees are facing IDP like situation as many of their shelters and household items are damaged and/or looted. Only limited resources are available to support these returnees. Apart from returnees, the region is also affected by the current drought as well as floods. So far, the ESNFI Cluster has reached 261K IDPs and returnees with different emergency shelters and NFI interventions in the Afar region. Most of the activities are the distribution of NFI/ESNFI kits, while activities related to emergency shelters are minimal compared to the need