Ethiopia Education Cluster Quarterly Newsletter #2 | June 2022

Emergency Type: Multiple Events
Reporting Period: April – June 2022

Situation Update

The ongoing conflict, rising levels of food insecurity and other climate shocks continue to have a significant impact on children's access to education, school infrastructure and children’s learning.

As of June 2022, more than 2.9 million children across Ethiopia remain as “Out of School Children” (OOSC) due to the conflict, drought, flooding and other natural emergency situations. This represents 17% of the school age population being out of school.

Almost 50% of OOSC are entering their third year without any access to learning. There is a risk of a lost generation of children in northern Ethiopia.

Based on the Regional Education Bureaus school damage assessments, a total of 9,382 schools across Ethiopia were fully or partially damaged which is affecting the conducive environment for learning and has forced more children to remain out of school.