Ethiopia: Drought situation dire in Soddo

The drought situation in and around Soddo area where World Vision Ethiopia is operational in the south has reached critical levels. Children and the elderly are in dire need of food assistance, with rations and targeted feeding programs urgently needed in the area.
Despite recent food distributions by World Vision, the government and other aid agencies in the area, malnutrition rates are on the increase. Children in Soddo district make up 20% of the total population leaving 210,500 young people at risk.

The recent rapid assessment in Soddo area by Dr. Mesfin Loha, Relief Department Manager and sample surveys conducted last week, indicate that the level of acute malnutrition has already risen to about 15% from that of 10.3% in December.

World Vision Ethiopia opened a Therapeutic Feeding Center (TFC) at the Hospital in Soddo during the 2000 drought in Ethiopia and is currently exploring the possibility of re-opening and supporting the TFC in response to the severity of the drought.