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Ethiopia: Desert locust Situation Report - 18 August 2020 - Issue 10

Situation Report
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Key Messages

  • Since the beginning of August mature swarms are crossing from Yemen, reaching Afar (Afambo, Elidare, Mile, Adar, Chifra and Awar). FAO has repositioned its two planes in Afar to intensify control operations

  • Active movement of immature DL swarms between Somalia and eastern Ethiopia

  • Continuous ground and aerial survey carried out in Afar, SNNP, Somali, Amhara, Oromia and Tigray regions

  • Active aerial control operation continues in Afar, eastern parts of Somali and Oromia

  • The situation in SNNPR is calm. A DLIS alert is preparing for residual swarms from Kenya that may find their way northward

  • The situation in Yemen remains suitable for DL swarming, which is a threat to northeast Ethiopia: the Ministry of Agriculture is on high-alert for the whole of July 2020 and beyond

  • The condusive climatic conditions (above-average rainfall) and the massive presence of DL in Yemen lead to forecast an increase of DL presence from September 2020 on wards