Ethiopia: Civil Unrest - Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) DREF Operation n° MDRET022

Situation Report
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A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

After a famous Ethiopian pop star/activist was shot dead on June 29, protests broke out in the capital city Addis Ababa and in Oromia region, the homeland of the singer, heightening ethnic tensions in the country. The protests are ongoing and have turned violent, killing close to 200 people to date, and displacing hundreds of families. Police and military forces are deployed in key locations to try to control the situation.

Internet has been shut down since the start of the demonstrations and movement is restricted. The most affected areas are the city of Addis Abeba and 40 woredas in eight (8) zones in Oromia region: Arsi, West Arsi, East Hararghe, Jimna, West Shawa, Finfine, Bale and South West Shawa.

As of 8 July, Official Government sources have confirmed a total of 167 deaths in Oromia region, of which 154 civilians, and a total of 12 deaths in Addis Abeba, of which 10 civilians. A total of 4,700 people have been arrested (3,100 in Oromia and 1,600 in Addis Abeba).

The number of affected and displaced people, as well as the number of deaths continue to rise due to the ongoing protests.

Ethiopia is confronted with various disasters at the same time, and ERCS continues to respond to Floods, Locust, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic.