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Ethiopia: Camp Profile Gambella - Okugo Refugee Camp (May 2020)

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The Okugo Refugee Camp is located in the southern part of Gambella region, Western Ethiopia, and hosts South Sudanese refugees of whom majority come from Jonglei state fleeing ethnic conflict. The main ethnic groups are Anyuak (64%), Murle (32%) and others (4%). The refugees are mainly farmers and pastoralists.

Recent Developments

  • April and May general food distribution conducted in line with the COVID-19 guidelines by maintaining social distancing and hand washing

  • ARRA and UNHCR Coordinated COVID-19 camp taskforce and provided leadership. Moreover, prepared COVID-19 camp specific preparedness and response plan as well as drafted terms of reference for the task force as well as technical committees.

  • ARRA set up a check point at the main entry point of the camp in a bid to control the mobility of refugees in and out of the camp as part of COVID-19 prevention and response activities.