Ethiopia: Afar Regional State 2019 pledge progress report



This document is based on Ethiopia’s 2016 Leaders’ Summit ‘pledge commitments’ as articulated in the ‘Roadmap’ of 2017. Combined with the Roadmap baselines, and follow up reports drafted for 2018, information presented in this report for Ethiopia’s Afar Regional State is commencing to form a foundation for tracking and evidence-based follow up on the pledges.

Compiled as a UNHCR publication, this report serves the wider stakeholder community pursuing the Global Compact on Refugees / Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (GCR/CRRF) in Ethiopia. Such data gathering, compilation and presentation is part of UNHCR’s expected ‘supportive and catalytic’ role in the GCR. .

Ethiopia’s Nine 2016 Pledges

Out of Camp Pledge

  1. Expansion of the “Out-of-Camp” policy to benefit 10% of the current total refugee population.

Education Pledge 2. Increase of enrolment in primary, secondary and tertiary education to all qualified refugees without discrimination and within the available resources.

Work and Livelihoods Pledges

  1. Provision of work permits to refugees and to those with permanent residence ID, within the bounds of domestic law.

  2. Provision of work permits to refugees in the areas permitted for foreign workers, by giving priority to qualified refugees.

  3. Making available irrigable land to allow 100,000 people (amongst them refugees and local communities) to engage in crop production.

  4. Building industrial parks where a percentage of jobs will be committed to refugees.

Documentation Pledges

  1. Provision of other benefits such as issuance of birth certificates to refugee children born in Ethiopia, possibility of opening bank accounts and obtaining driving licenses.

Social and Basic Services Pledge

  1. Enhance the provision of basic and essential social services.

Local Integration Pledge

  1. Allowing for local integration for those protracted refugees who have lived for 20 years or more in Ethiopia.

Demonstrated is clear progress being made in the Afar Regional State (Afar) during 2019. This attests to the continued impressive commitment of the people and the Government of Ethiopia (GoE), with support from various line ministries and bureaus, and the Agency for Refugee and Returnee Affairs (ARRA).