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Ethiopia - Access Snapshot - Tigray region (As of 19 January 2021)


The humanitarian situation throughout Tigray is reportedly dire, with prevailing insecurity and violence impacting the civilian population, forced displacement, and widespread looting of public infrastructure and private property. Safe an unimpeded humanitarian access to people in need remains an issue nearly three months after the start of the conflict, with few partners operational on the ground and very limited assistance provided.

The security situation remains volatile, with active hostilities reported in all regions. These include, shelling, armed confron­ tations, ambushes, and hit-and-run attacks by parties to the conflict. Partners have received witness accounts of major human rights violations, inter alia indiscriminate killings, abductions, sexual violence, forced recruitment, and forced displacement on ethnic grounds. The Ethiopia Human Rights Commission has denounced the limited access to media and human rights groups. The lack of protection partners on the ground is hindering the expansion of protection services and the investigation of the alleged violations.

Active hostilities continue to be reported in Western, North-Western, Central, East and South-East Tigray zone. Meanwhile, clashes along the Sudan-Ethiopia border have prompted an acceleration of efforts to relocate Ethiopian refugees in Sudan away from the border (UNHCR). The outflow of asylum seekers to Sudan continues, though the number of daily arrivals has reduced. The refugee camps of 'Shimelba' and 'Hitsats' camps (North Western) have been reportedly vandal­ized, and remain inaccessible to partners. By early January, an inter-agency mission reached the refugee camps of 'Mai Aini' and 'Aidi Harush' (North Western). Refugees noted that service provision had completely ceased since the start of the conflict, and expressed concerns for their safety and security.


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