Emergency Site Assessment: Northern Ethiopia Crisis 4 - Data Collection: 2 - 23 March 2021 | Publication Date: 14 April 2021

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In early November 2020, the regional party of Tigray allegedly attacked the Northern Command of Ethiopia’s National Defense Force in Mekelle, Tigray region, prompting a military offensive from the federal government of Ethiopia. Following this, conflict broke out in the north of Ethiopia and this has displaced many from their homes.


From 2 — 23 March 2021, the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) deployed its Emergency Site Assessment to capture internal displacement related to the Northern Ethiopia Crisis. This multisectoral location assessment assesses the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and collects basic information on the multisectoral needs of IDPs at site level.

In this fourth round, 1,064,176 IDPs (235,882 households)* were found to be displaced across 178 sites in Tigray, Amhara and Afar regions. 1,000,052 IDPs (218,246 households)* were found in Tigray region, 45,343 IDPs (8,325 households) in Afar region and 18,781 IDPs (9,311 households) in Amhara region. It should be noted that access and insecurity were considerable challenges for this round.

*This displacement total includes the 38,500 IDPs (7,800 households) identified across 7 sites in Southern zone and Southeastern zone that were covered during round 2 but were inaccessible during round 4 due to insecurity. Please refer to the annex for the full details.

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