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East & Horn of Africa COVID-19 Situation Report - #26, 07 October 2020 Update



The number of people with COVID-19 in East and Horn of Africa continues to increase with 147,059 people now infected. Migrants, including Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) are among the vulnerable groups likely to face the worst impact of the pandemic, compared to non-migrants. Migrants and those living in displacement settings are more likely to be exposed to the conditions in which COVID-19 spreads, which includes limited access to sanitation, poorer and makeshift living conditions, and overcrowded settings. These groups may also have an over-representation of preexisting health issues and lack access to COVID-19 preventatives, such as Personal Protective Equipment, including face coverings, sanitizer and gloves. They are also likely not to be able to practice social distancing. Thousands of migrants across the East & Horn of Africa region are currently stranded, due to border closures and movement restrictions created by COVID-19. Many are in need of food, water, medical assistance and transport. Migrants are also at greater risk of being returned to their countries of origin against their will. In some cases, migrants are experiencing detention, abuse, stigma and xenophobia, being blamed for the spread of the disease.

As of October 7, the number of positive COVID-19 cases in the region stands at 147,057. 898 new cases have been reported in the last day with most new cases reported in Ethiopia (566 daily increase 0.7%), followed by Uganda (178 daily increase 2.0%), Kenya (138 daily increase 0.3%) and South Sudan (8 daily increase 0.3%). Ethiopia remains the country with the highest number of confirmed cases in the region at 80,003 (54.4% of total case), followed by Kenya 39,586 (26.9%), followed by Uganda 9,260 (6.3%).

IOM is working with governments throughout the region to respond to the impact of COVID-19 in the areas of protection, risk communication, disease surveillance, infection prevention and control, case management, ‘Points of Entry’ (PoEs), Camp Coordination and Management, procurement and logistics, and in others. IOM is advocating for all migrants, including IDPs, to be included in all national government responses to the fight against COVID-19. A regional financial appeal to assist migrant groups in East and Horn of Africa was launched in April for $71.6M. So far, 71% of the required funds have been raised.

Link to the EHoA COVID-19 appeal document; iom-east-and-horn-africa-strategic-and-preparedness-and-response-plan-covid-19 In August IOM launched an appeal to specifically respond to the needs of migrants on the ‘Eastern Route’ from the Horn of Africa to Yemen.

Link to the Regional Migrant Response Plan for Horn of Africa and Yemen’ (RMRP) 2020 Appeal: