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East Africa Regional Food Security & Nutrition Update (August 2021)



30.4 million people are currently facing severe food insecurity, which is slightly above the same period in 2020 but a decrease from 33.3 million in March 2021, the latter due to seasonality. This is in addition to 15.7 million at the risk of food insecurity in urban areas

An estimated 108,000 and 401,000 people in parts of South Sudan and Ethiopia (Tigray) respectively are in Human Catastrophe and in-need of immediate life-saving humanitarian food assistance. The Tigray situation remains grave and unpredictable.

There is a high burden of acute malnutrition in the region with Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan in that order having the highest burden of undernutrition

The main drivers of high levels of food and nutrition insecurity are; conflict/insecurity, climatic shocks, macro-economic instability and COVID-19. There is a possibility of a third consecutive drier than normal conditions in eastern Kenya, southern Somalia and southeast Ethiopia between Oct-Dec 2021