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Early Warning Bulletin, Covers the period 16-31 August 2011



As per the minutes of Flood Task Force meeting of August 12th, since the onset of kremt 2011 floods took place in the following areas:

  • Amhara: Fogera, Nabega and Wagetera woredas (South Gondar zone), Dembia and Gonder Zuria woredas (North Gondar zone); Kalu woreda (South Wollo); Ziquala and Sahela woredas (Wag Hamira)

  • Tigray: Alamata woreda - Somali: Mustahil - Afar: report of some floods about the end of July (NMA).

Furthermore, the DRMFSS has received reports from SNNPR about flooding in Lanfaro woreda of Silte zone. Non-food items have been distributed to victims.

In view of the strengthening of weather systems in the coming fortnight and prevailing high moisture levels, the Flood Task Force warns of high risk of both river and flash floods in flood prone areas for the remaining part of August.