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Desert locust warning, 18 Oct 2019

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Several mature gregarious Desert Locust swarms have been sighted in the past few days in the northeastern portion of the Ogaden in eastern Ethiopia, less than 100 km south of the N Somalia border and approximately 600 km north of the Kenya border.

There is a possibility for additional swarms to appear in the northern Ogaden from current infestations in eastern Ethiopia and perhaps from adjacent areas on the plateau in northern Somalia. The swarms are expected to lay eggs in sandy areas that have received recent rainfall. As the prevailing winds over the Ogaden are from the north, there is a poteti3al threat for a limited number of swarms to move further south towards northeast Kenya (Moyale – Mandera – Wajir) and perhaps adjacent areas of southern Somalia. Kenya was last invaded by swarms in December 2007. Survey operations are underway in the Ogaden to monitor the situation while control opera3ons continue in northeast Ethiopia.

It is highly recommended that Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya remain alert and extremely vigilant for any possible swarm movements and subsequent egg-laying and hatching.

DLIS will continue to monitor the situation closely and immediately inform affected countries of any significant developments.

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