COOPI: Emergency in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Government has launched an appeal to help 11.3 milion people affected by a severe lack of food and drinkable water. If nothing is done to help them, more people could die than in the 1984 crisis, which killed some 1 million.
The Ethiopian Government, United Nations and relief NGOs working in Ethiopia want to intervene immediately to help prevent innumerable deaths.

COOPI - Cooperazione Internazionale, an Italian development and relief NGO that has worked in the country since 1994, is rehabilitating wells in the zone of Waghamra, one of the zones hardest-hit by the drought conditions. The NGO is also gathering funds in order to meet the food needs of the inhabitants of the Zuqualla District, where families have begun to abandon their homes in search of food and water.

To help as many people as possible, we need help from all of you.

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Donations should be made to COOPI, Ethiopia Emergency.

For donations by credit card, call 800-117755.