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Christian Children's Fund vommits $2.5 million for aid to Africa famine

Richmond, VA - Christian Children's Fund (CCF), one of the largest and most respected child development organizations in the world, has committed $2.5 million in food and medical aid to Ethiopia and Kenya. The funds are earmarked to help approximately 300,000 people in the districts of Shashemene, Bosona Worena, Boset and Silti in Ethiopia and in northern Kenya where CCF has long term development projects.
CCF has ongoing long-term programs in Ethiopia and Kenya which last year received a total of $10.1 million. These development projects are continuing to go forward as CCF enlarges its level of assistance to include emergency assistance to the hardest hit famine victims. CCF has actively been working in Ethiopia since 1983 and in Kenya since 1960. Because of CCF's ongoing work in these two countries, an estimated 60,000 children and their families are better prepared to fend off the effects of famine. "In late summer, because of our weekly monitoring of sponsored children and their families, we started seeing increased incidences of malnutrition and began supplemental feedings then, " noted CCF President John F. Schultz.

"Our first appeal was issued last September as soon as child care workers first noted higher levels of weight loss and diarrhea. A second appeal was issued this month as the emergency began to worsen. We are grateful to the donors who are responding to our call for help."

In addition to assisting with food and medical relief during this emergency, CCF's long-term programs are designed to improve the quality of life in developing countries by providing community based child survival and development programs. These include programs to decrease child mortality rates, stimulate early childhood growth, improve nutrition, create access to safe water and sanitary waste disposal, provide mass immunization programs, teach improved agricultural practices and initiate family income-generating projects.

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