CCF Ethiopia update 7 Mar 2003

News and Press Release
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"The famine that has gripped Ethiopia is unbearable... The suffering I have seen first hand is beyond comprehension. Children cry for food that their parents cannot give them. Animal carcasses litter the landscape. I cannot stress how urgent the need is." - Fikru Abebe, CCF's National Director in Ethiopia
In January, we brought you news of the drought and impending famine in Ethiopia which threatens to eclipse the devastation of the 1984 disaster. According to Andrew Penndleton, CCF's Emergency Coordinator, "This impending famine is going to be devastating. However, the concern now is that the world attention is focused on so many disasters such as the desperate situation in Afghanistan and drought stricken Southern Africa, that Ethiopia's plight may go unnoticed in spite of the fact that all signs point to the fact that this will be the worst of all the famines Ethiopia has faced in this century."

You responded to our urgent appeal with great compassion, contributing nearly $14,000 within days of our e-mail.

Your response has not gone unnoticed. In addition to the assistance provided by your contributions, CCF project staff in Ethiopia are foregoing their salaries, and Parent Committees in Ethiopia have opted to use sponsorship funding towards desperately needed community relief to avert disaster. While your generosity has made an impact, the effects of the ongoing famine are still visible on children and communities. CCF feels that $800,000 is needed to fully meet the need.

To support the efforts of CCF in Ethiopia through the ChildAlert Emergency Fund, see:

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