CCD Ethiopia one-year in: Collaboration in reality


Based on insights compiled from surveys and interviews conducted with members of the Ethiopian cash community and CCD (Collaborative Cash Delivery Network) members in January 2020, this report provides an overview of how CCD Ethiopia is working towards global and national objectives, takeaways for startup national networks, and recommendations.



Founded in January 2019, Ethiopia’s national networkhas 14 members – 13 of whom are part of CCD’s global network. Founding members include: Action Against Hunger (ACF), CARE, Concern Worldwide, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Danish Church Aid (DCA), Danish Refugee Council (DRC), International Rescue Committee (IRC), Mercy Corps, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), Oxfam, Save the Children (SCI), and World Vision (WVE). ACTED and GOAL joined in December 2019.

Members joined CCD to pursue new ways of working to better deliver cash assistance through a shared cash value chain built on the comparative advantages of each actor adapted to the local context, complementing each other's programming to reduce duplication and maximise impact.

Members have all signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) and agreed on a Governance Framework. The national network is overseen by a rotational Steering Committee and its chair, a member-neutral Collaboration Manager.The committee is responsible for CCD’s strategic direction. The current committee includes: ACF, CARE, CRS, NRC, Oxfam, and WVE.

Making CCD a reality within a country's context is a process. Its model has provided a framework to move things forward for the Ethiopian cash community. CCD understands it will take time to work towards its goals, but this gives the network an opportunity to try out different models and adapt them to the Ethiopian context to ensure CCD is a value-add within the cash community.

The national network decided, amongst other activities, to establish a consortium as one of its first initiatives. However, its collaborations are not limited to this, and they are currently working towards identifying collaboration opportunities and priorities and deciding how to leverage its collective expertise to effect change in programming and harmonise cash delivery to increase scale, efficiency, effectiveness, and collective impact.

To this end, CCD Ethiopia is pursuing collaborations across the country and cash value chain by:

  • establishing frameworks to identify priorities, advocacy, collaborative operations, donor relationships, etc.

  • building relationships and trust between members

  • combining voices to advocate for issues relevant to local cash actors and non-governmental organisations (NGOs)

  • utilising collaboration modelsbased on context, strengths, and need

  • facilitating faster resolutions for challenges

  • improving collective preparedness for cash programming

  • enabling a unified and visible local network of cash NGOs.