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African Health Officials Laud Ethiopia's Treatment for Refugees

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Addis Ababa April 17, 2017 High level health officials from three neighboring countries have praised Ethiopia for the care and support the country is providing for refugees.

The officials from Somalia, Sudan and South Sudan, who talked to ENA, said Ethiopia is a showcase for hosting and treating refugees by enabling them to feel at home.

Head of Planning, Policy and Partnership Affairs Division at the Somalia Ministry of Health, Muhammad Abdullahi said Ethiopia has sheltered thousands of Somali citizens who fled the civil war and the recurrent drought.

While Somali refugees in other countries facing forceful deportation, the Ethiopian government has provided fair reception and treated them just like its own citizens, Muhammad added.

“The peoples and government of Ethiopia have provided the necessary social services for refugees from Somalia, reflects the spirit of good neighborliness that the country has show and we need to appreciate this”, he said.

As the Somali government has reclaimed most of the territories that were under the rule of Al-Shebab, peace and stability is being restored to the country, he pointed out.

Following the relative prevalence of peace and stability in the country, the Somali government is working on repatriating refugees who migrated to neighboring countries, he indicated.

Dr. Said Mohamed, Plan and Policy Director at Sudanese Ministry of Health on his part said Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia have been getting appropriate treatment including health services and education offered by the Ethiopian government.

The director expressed his gratitude to Ethiopia for treating Sudanese refugees who were sheltered in a number of refugee camps in the country.

Dr. Kediende Chong, International Health Affairs Coordinator with the South Sudanese Ministry of Health said the peoples of South Sudan and Ethiopia have longstanding historical relation.

Ethiopia has rendered immense contribution to the freedom of South Sudan and is striving to ensure sustained peace and stability in the country, Dr. Chong added.

South Sudanese refugees, who have been sheltering in Ethiopia, consider the country as their second home due to the support and care they received during their stay, Dr. Chong said.

Currently Ethiopia hosts over 800,000 refugees, which is the largest, in Africa.