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Africa in crisis - ADRA responds

Silver Spring, Maryland -- Images from the Ethiopian famine in 1984 are still vivid in the minds of many. Emaciated walking skeletons holding children with distended bellies, too hungry to even cry. A total of one million people died in that famine. Something that the world hoped would never happen again. But it is happening today and if action is not taken now, this famine will dwarf the famine of 1984.
The crisis has been brewing throughout Africa since 2001 and is continuing to worsen daily. Drought, erratic weather patterns, crop failures, and the crippling effects of HIV/AIDS are contributing to the plight of millions of Africans. With crops not reducing countries in Africa have been relying on their surplus supplies, which have dwindled rapidly. There simply isn't enough food available.

This is a food crisis of epic proportions that threatens the lives of 35 million people in Africa. That's the number of people that it is estimated will need food assistance from now until the next harvest. Concerned citizens and governments must address this catastrophe or millions will die.

ADRA has responded by providing much needed food aid:

  • In Zambia ADRA has distributed more than 13,000 metric tons of maize in 11 districts

  • ADRA Ethiopia is feeding 10,000 people for the next two months

  • ADRA Malawi has distributed food to 27,000 people

  • In Zimbabwe, ADRA has fed 18,000 people for four months

ADRA is responding to this continued crisis, but needs your support. Please donate to ADRA today!

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