ACTED Drought Needs Assessment: Somali region, Ethiopia, Post Short Rains 2021

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In the Somali Region of Ethiopia, pastoral and agro-pastoral communities are facing dire emergency conditions due to recurrent drought and poor performing rains that have affected livelihoods and food security for millions of households throughout Ethiopia; with the IPC estimating that as many as 8.5 million people (7.1 million classified as Phase 3 Crisis, and 1.4 million at Phase 4 Emergency) may be highly food insecure through June 2021. COVID-19 and Desert locust are exacerbating the negative effects on food security in Ethiopia.

As a result of below-average hagaya/deyr rainfall between October and December 2020, poor availability of pasture and water has resulted in significant Belg production losses in southern pastoral areas—which has also contributed to “the decrease in livestock prices, coupled with the high staple food prices, is resulting in low purchasing power for poor households” (FEWS NET, 2020).