ACAPS Thematic Report: Ethiopia - Understanding humanitarian concerns across the country, 24 January 2022


Conflicts and recurrent drought, flooding, and pest invasion, drive humanitarian needs in Ethiopia. The report provides an overview of the humanitarian situation in Ethiopia, highlighting the key crises, critical needs, and underlying issues.

Key considerations:

  • Conflict hotspots in Benishangul Gumuz, northern Ethiopia, and Oromia and drought in the southern and southeastern regions are driving humanitarian needs.

  • There were over 4.2 million IDPs across the country as at September 2021 – double the figure at the end of 2020.

  • There are increased rates of food insecurity, which has reached the highest levels since 2016. Food insecurity is particularly high in areas with drought or conflict.

  • Political instability, economic turmoil and health concerns are compounding the humanitarian situation.

  • In parts of the country, the operational environment is constrained by insecurity, bureaucratic and administrative impediments, and limited capacity.