Eswatini Zero Hunger Strategic Review, December 2018



1.0 Introduction

The Government of Eswatini has endorsed and domesticated the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 and further prioritized SDG 2 in an effort to end hunger among its citizens in line with the Global Zero Hunger Challenge. This challenge calls for member states to end hunger, achieve food security & improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. In this regard the country working with key sectors undertook the Eswatini Zero Hunger Strategic Review (EZHSR) in an effort to inform implementation of SDGs 1 and 2. Achieving Zero Hunger is a priority that is articulated in national development frameworks, in particular the Strategy for Sustainable Development & Inclusive Growth (SSDIG) - and other sectoral policies and programmes including the Eswatini National Agricultural Investment Plan (ENAIP).

The Review seeks to analyse the obtaining food and nutrition situation and its linkages to poverty in the country and identify opportunities to strengthen current and future programmes and strategies aimed towards the attainment of zero hunger and ending poverty by 2030. The specific objectives of the review are:

❖ Provide a comprehensive understanding of the poverty, food security and nutrition context for Eswatini, including strategies, policies, programmes, institutional capacities and resource flows;

❖ Highlight previous progress and identify challenges Eswatini must overcome to achieve zero hunger by 2030 in line with the targets of SDG 2;

❖ Identify and prioritise policy and programme actions that are necessary to accelerate progress towards zero hunger, and recommend how these actions may be implemented.