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eSwatini: Project Highlights - Emergency support to rural livelihoods affected by the El Niño-induced drought in Swaziland (OSRO/SWA/601/NET)

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Objective: To safeguard livelihoods and enhance the food security and nutrition of El-Niño-induced drought affected households in Eswatini.

Key partners: Eswatini Ministry of Agriculture, Baphalali Swaziland Red Cross Society, Action Cooperative Agriculture Trust, World Vision Swaziland and the National Disaster Management Agency.

Beneficiaries reached: 1 250 households.

Activities implemented:

  • Identified selected and sensitized beneficiaries.

  • Procured and distributed 650 bales of hay to 650 agropastoral beneficiary households and 56 water tanks (5 000 litres each) across 28 drought-stricken communities.

  • Procured and distributed agricultural inputs (drip irrigation kits, fencing, forks, hand tools, rakes and vegetable seedlings) to 600 beneficiary households towards the establishment of family food and nutrition gardens.

  • Procured and distributed 56 000 vegetable seedlings to nine schools reaching over 318 pupils.

  • Trained 600 beneficiaries in good agricultural practices (crop planting, watering, weed and pest control, crop rotation, organic farming, permaculture and composting).


  • Supported the production of approximately 1.5 tonnes of beetroot, 15 tonnes of cabbage, 2 tonnes of green pepper, 4 tonnes of lettuce, 1.8 tonnes of onions, 2 tonnes of spinach and 18 tonnes oftomatoes, enhancing beneficiaries’ capacity tomeet theirfood and otherimmediate needs.

  • Improved income generation among beneficiary households able to sell surplus at market.

  • Increased the water availability for livestock by 280 000 litres, benefiting livestock across 28 communities.

  • Enhanced the technical capacities of agropastoral households to effectively utilise the inputs received.