Women engaged in horticulture farming in Nakfa sub-zone express they are in reliable condition

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Nakfa, 22 July 2012- Women engaged in horticulture farming organized in associations in Nakfa sub-zone expressed that beyond their efforts to improve their livelihood are working towards ensuring food security in their locality.

They said that they were engaged in the activity encouraged by the opportunity they got and that they would work hard for the success of the program and become exemplary to others.

Ms. Sa’adia Mohammed Omar indicated that they were provided by the Government half hectare of land, one water well and water pump each and that her family’s livelihood is improving.

Ms. Fatna Osman on her part noted that she is producing fruits and vegetable for the local market and that the main beneficiaries of the program are families of martyrs.

Likewise, Ms. Hawa Mohammed said that they are constantly receiving assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture including selected sweet potato, tomato and other variety vegetable seeds.