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WHO Eritrea and China Collaboration Meeting

ASMARA, September 16, 2019 – Dr Martins Ovberedjo, WHO Representative to Eritrea and Chinese Ambassador to the State of Eritrea, Mr Yang Zigang held a collaboration meeting on health development support to the state of Eritrea.

WHO Information Officer, Mrs Selam Berhane and Mr Berhane Abay, logistics officer also accompanied the WHO Representative to Eritrea.

The Chinese Ambassador in his remarks welcome the WHO team and express readiness to work with WHO Country team to consolidate support to MOH and the population of Eritrea. The Ambassador presented the WHO team highlights of key support from the People Republic of China to the State of Eritrea in the health sector including support to improve maternal and child health, public health sanitation, capacity building for health workers and provision of medical equipment to health facilities. The Ambassador also informed the meeting that as part of ongoing china support to the State of Eritrea, the 13th Chinese medical team of experts have recently arrived and commenced provision of health services in various health facilities across the State of Eritrea. Also, as part of China support to strengthen public health sanitation a nationwide awareness campaign and capacity building training is ongoing. Ambassador, Yang Zigang extended invitation for WHO to attend the closing ceremony.

The WHO Representative to Eritrea, Dr Martins Ovberedjo in his comments thanked the Chinese Ambassador for the warm welcome and expressed readiness of Chinese Embassy to deepen collaboration with WHO Country team. Dr Martins also acknowledged need for China - WHO collaboration to support Eritrea in the area of malaria elimination, neglected tropical diseases and emergency health preparedness and response. Dr Martins extended invitation to Chinese Ambassador to visit WCO.

At the end of the consultation, both parties agreed to strengthen collaboration to support MOH in the following areas: maternal and child health, malaria elimination, public health sanitation, capacity building for health workers. Furthermore, it was agreed that a tripartite MoU outlining priorities for collaboration be signed between MOH and the Embassy of China and WHO. Thereafter, the WHO team conducted a guided tour of the new Chinese complex.