Vaccination campaign conducted for livestock in Tessenei sub-zone

from Government of Eritrea
Published on 05 Jul 2014 View Original

Tessenei, 05 July 2014 – Mr. Elias Minasie, in charge of livestock health in the Agriculture Ministry’s branch in Tessenei sub-zone, indicated that vaccination campaign was conducted targeting external and internal diseases.

Accordingly, around 16,000 livestock from nine Administrative areas of the sub-zone have been immunized through the campaign.

He also stated that the awareness of herdsmen and farmers in this regards has shown growth, in addition to immunization serves to livestock.

Framers in the locality expressed appreciation for the initiative taken by the Ministry of Agriculture, and called for continuity of such service.

Meanwhile, the Agriculture Ministry’s branch in the sub-zone called on the farmers and herdsmen to sustain collaboration in the campaign and to immunize their livestock on time.