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United Nations Eritrea Newsletter, December 2015

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UN in Eritrea finalizes Mid Term Review (MTR) for the current Strategic Partnership Cooperation Framework (SPCF) in preparation for the new SPCF

The UN system in Eritrea has finalized the mid term review of the current Strategic Partnership Cooperation Framework (SPCF) in preparation for the next phase of the new SPCF. In other countries the cooperation framework between government and UN is referred to as the UNDAF, however in Eritrea the UN and Government of the State of Eritrea agreed to call it the SPCF; it describes the collective actions and strategies of the United Nations to support the achievement of national development goals.

The current SPCF “Driving towards MDGs”, started in 2013 and will end 2016. It has five strategic areas for interventions and cooperation: 1) Basic Social Services; 2) National Capacity Development; 3) Food Security and Sustainable Livelihoods; 4) Environmental Sustainability; 5) Gender Equity and Advancement of Women. The areas of cooperation for the new SPCF will be agreed on between the Government and the UN in the near future.

So far, some of the preparation steps and processes include official receipt of confirmation letter from the Government of the State of Eritrea allowing the UN to commence preparations for the roll out and support for the UN delivering as one; UN Eritrea participated at the regional workshop for the UNDAF/SPCF rollout countries, has undertaken a training workshop on programming principles; finalized the mid-term review for the current SPCF; produced the 2015 MDG report and supported sensitization sessions on the transition from the MDGs to SDGs.

Preparations for a country assessment and prioritization retreat are ongoing.