Sustainable efforts to control the prevalence of HIV/AIDS

Asmara, 29 August 2016 -Mr. Mehari Weldeghebriel, head of HIV/AIDS and STDs Control Unit at Health Ministry’s branch in the Central region, said that sustainable efforts are being exerted to control the prevalence of HIV/AIDS.

Mr. Mehari also indicated that currently there are over 30 testing and counseling centers in the region providing voluntary services for HIV/AIDS cases and that concerted efforts have been exerted to eradicate the prevalence of all sexually transmitted diseases.

Mr. Mehari further underlined that the unit has been exerting efforts to prevent occurrence of new infections and to ensure that people infected with HIV/AIDS are not alienated. Total eradication of STDs, however, requires sustainable awareness raising activities along with counseling and testing services, Mr. Mehari added.

Indicating that any individual infected with HIV/AIDS immediately starts to take antiretroviral medicine, Mr. Mehari reiterated that the introduction of antenatal HIV test on pregnant women has shown an increase of 93% thus making due contribution in the reduction of new infections.

Mr. Habte Gehbremeshkel, head of healthcare sensitization program in the Health Ministry’s branch in the Central region, on his part said that the prevalence of HIV/AIDS could only be controlled through open discussions and the increased awareness of families. Mr. Habte further called on parents to shoulder the responsibility of providing guidance to their children.

Documents from the Ministry of Health indicate that as a result of the concerted efforts exerted in the past 25 years of independence, the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the country has been reduced to less than 1%.