Support extended to former war-displaced nationals in Gash-Barka region bear fruitful outcome

Barentu, 30 December 2011 – The Administrator of Gash-Barka region, Mr. Musa Rab’a, said that the support extended to displaced nationals due to TPLF regime’s war of aggression have borne fruitful outcome.

At an assessment meeting he conducted in Barentu town with partners and village representatives, the Administrator expressed appreciation to those citizens who made due contribution for the success of the program.

A report presented at the meeting indicated that residential houses for 300 families were constructed at a cost of 7 million Nakfa, and that water supply facilities as well as 15 ponds were made available to the rehabilitated citizens of the respective villages in the region. Moreover, efforts are underway to assist them to boost agricultural production through distributing select seeds and dairy cattle, among others.

The director general of water department in the Ministry of Land, Water and Environment, Mr. Mebrahtu Eyassu, called on farmers to avoid the dams and ponds constructed at substantial investment from being filled with silt.