She’ib residents call for facilitation of renovation of potable water supply facility

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She’ib, 11 January 2013 – The residents of She’ib semi-urban center have called on pertinent bodies to facilitate the renovation of the potable water supply facility in the locality which was damaged by heavy rainfall and flooding last month.

Among the residents, Mr. Saleh Nafi’e, Mr. Osman Saleh, Ms. Dahba Tekles and Nejat Adem explained that the facility’s water reservoir was filled with deposit, and that they are fetching water from resources at a distant place.

Mr. Abdurahman Mohammed Dirar, Acting administrator of She’ib sub-zone, pointed out that such shortage of potable water supply is a new phenomenon in the locality, and asserted that the Administration is striving to renovate the facility as early as possible. He further indicated that the problem would be addressed through transported potable water supply, and called on the residents to make precautious preparations in case of similar natural handicap in the future.