Sewage canals installed for 500 households in Tiravolo area

from Government of Eritrea
Published on 01 Jan 2014 View Original

Asmara, 01 January 2014 – Sewage canals have been installed for 500 households in the Space quarter of Tiravolo area here in the capital.

Among the residents, Ms. Desbelet Araya, Ms. Lucia Afewerki and Mr. Kibrom Kidane expressed satisfaction with the Administration of the Central region’s initiative, and pointed out that it encourages consistent resort to latrines and personal hygiene.

Mr. Gebrai Gebru, in charge of the project’s follow-up, called on the residents to sustain collaboration as the task approaches finalization stage.

Likewise, Mr. Haileab Melles, head of sewage disposal activities in the Administration, disclosed that a total of 75 manpower and ample machineries have been deployed for the implementation of the venture.