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Security Council's Unjust Resolution Will Further Reinforce Eritrean People's Resolve: Inhabitants of Gash-Barka

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Barentu, 27 December 2009 - The inhabitants of various areas of Gash-Barka region stated that the unjust resolution adopted by the nominal United Nations, which has been rendered to being a mere tool for a handful of interest groups, would only further reinforce the Eritrean peoples' resolve.

In their interview with ERINA, the inhabitants of Gash Barka pointed out that the unwarranted resolution is not a new phenomenon but is rather an extension of continued unprovoked ploys against Eritrea. They further explained that the imposed sanction is merely a plot devised to suppress Eritrea which has become an example of self-reliance, independent political principles and economic progress.

Stating that the people of Eritrea have paid a huge sacrifice for self-determination and freedom, Mr. Weldenigus Beraki from Molqui said that the unjust resolution of the Security Council is a shameful move that will discredit the world body.

Indicating that world powers have never welcomed the fact that Eritrea was able to triumph despite the odds against it, Mr. Rakhi Mohammed Menin from Biko, La'elay Gash sub-zone asserted that the Eritrean people will reach a higher stage of development by overcoming all conspiracies and depending solely on themselves, just as they had done in the past.

The residents of Tessenei on their part said that had there been a just court in the world, it would have taken action or imposed sanctions against Ethiopia for its illegal occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories. The UN would retain at least some dignity if it were to close its offices rather than continue to become a tool for serving the interest of a handful of world powers, the residents added.

Pointing out that the UN resolution is merely an outcome of the frustration on the part of world powers as Eritrea continued to prevail despite the conspiracies weaved against it, Ms. Fereja Mohammed from Akurdet said that the imposed sanctions will have no effect on the Eritrean development progress.