Reliable study and integrated efforts vital prerequisite for ensuring ample water supply: Water Department

from Government of Eritrea
Published on 22 Apr 2014 View Original

Asmara, 22 April 2014 – The Water Department indicated that a reliable study and integrated efforts constitute a vital prerequisite for ensuring ample water supply both for humans and livestock. It made the remark at a meeting with experts of agricultural, infrastructural and water development from all over the country, during which Mr. Mebrahtu Eyassu, Director General of the Water Department, called for effective utilization of the available water resources.

He further pointed out the need to give impetus to the ongoing endeavors regarding enrichment of underground water resources and restoration of erosion-hit areas throughout the country.

Mr. Misgina Gebresilassie, Head of Water supply in the Ministry of Land, Water and Environment, stated on his part that the Government has launched various projects to further distribution of potable water supply facilities at national level, and called for enhanced communal input in their implementation.

The seminar participants exchanged views on several issues. They also visited the potable water supply facility being put in place in Gizgiza sub-zone having its source 18 Km. away along Anseba River, and put forth views in this connection.