Rain shortage witnessed in Central region this year would negatively affect farming and reforestation activities

from Government of Eritrea
Published on 01 Nov 2013 View Original

Asmara, 1 November 2013- During an activity assessment meeting conducted on 31 October, it was noted that rain shortage in 2013 and poor follow-up would negatively affect farming and reforestation activities.

Eng. Abraham Daniel, head of the Agriculture Ministry’s branch in the region, indicated that unwise land usage, deforestation and over usage of grazing could be causes for decreasing agricultural produce. He further explained that the Central region has been conducting different programs aimed at increasing agricultural output and reforestation.

Moreover, Eng. Abraham also stated that this year 641 hectares of terraces have been built and over one million trees planted by the People’s Army, higher education institutions and the Students’ Summer Work program.

Mr. Kahsai Gebrehiwot, Administrator of the region, said that despite the shortage of rainfall of this year, the Administration has been engaged in different developmental activities, and called for scientific identification of land for reforestation and reinforce reforestation activities. He further called for organized awareness programs among the inhabitants of the region.