Potable water supply facility inaugurated in Ashera Administrative area

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Hagaz, 19 May 2014 – A potable water supply facility which was put in place in Ashera Administrative area, Hagaz sub-zone, through joint venture between the Administration of Anseba region and stakeholders has been inaugurated.

The Project comprises a 75-meters deep water well and 175-meters long pipe line and communal participation was significant in the process of its implementation.

From Orsoline Church, Sister Azeb Libab and Abba Ogbamariam Ekub, Ordained Priest in the Administrative area, indicated that the community members used to face problem in their daily lives in connection with the locality’s dropping underground water resource. They further stated that the demand for potable water could be met following the launching of the new facility, and called on the inhabitants to practice its judicious utilization.

The inhabitants of the area lauded the initiative taken to solve the area’s prevailed potable water supply problem. They also said that social service facilities in the locality have given rise to improvement of community livelihood, and asserted that they would practice prudent utilization of the potable water supply project.

Mr. Gergis Abraha, Administrator of the area, disclosed that various development projects, including that of infrastructure, were implemented in the years 2013 and 2014. “We call on the community members to resort to effective utilization of water,” he added.